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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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  • "Personal touch, customer service"

    "Personal attention"

    "Friendly and family oriented"

    "The people. If ever needed, can get home delivery. Employees know us."

    "Personal interaction with helpful information."

    "The best!"

    "Small, family owned, independent pharmacy!"

    "Incredible customer service"

    "Customer care is wonderful!"

    "I like the family atmosphere and caring nature of all employees at this pharmacy."

    "Family friendly"

    "Personal attention to, and care for, your patients."

    "Love Propp!"

    "Personal experience, caring staff"

    "Always willing to help in any way."

    "The personal one on one with the pharmacy team. They tell you things you may need to know about the drug and things to be aware of. I also like it because it is a locally owned business."

    "The personal service and that they take the time to talk with you. The gift shop is pretty great too!"

    "You advise me on my prescriptions, and you say hello and acknowledge me when I come in and when I leave! Love it at Propp!"

    "The pharmacist knows the customers by name and genuinely cares about providing the best care for their patients."

    "The people"

    "They know my heart story and have caught issues with what a Dr prescribed and what I am taking. They called Dr and suggested a different medication to prevent complications. That is why I only shop Propp Drugs for medications."

    "Customer service is the best"


    "Kindness of staff"

    "The people and the service they provide."

    "I love how friendly everyone is and the personal advice that is given with each new prescription."

    "I love that it's a small, locally owned, pharmacy. They are always so friendly and helpful! They are also very knowledgeable."


    "They care about their customers!"

    "Love the people, personable service, and also love the unique gifts available at the pharmacy"

    "Positive attitudes."

    "When getting a refill, your medicine is ready when you get there so you don't have to wait. Everybody is very nice."

    "I like the personal touch and education about any drugs we take. Being friends with you is the BONUS!"

    "Love my LOCAL pharmacy, customer service is amazing!"

    "They inform me about my prescriptions"

    "Good advice; available for emergencies"

    "Personal attention"

    "Customer service"

    "Personal attention and they truly care about their customers!"

    "Personal service"


    "Personal attention!!"

    "Personal attention is amazing!! Knowledgeable staff!"

    "Great people, and not having to stand in line when prescriptions have already been submitted. It's a pleasure going in the store, whereas with other pharmacies it was a dread. Thank you Propp Drugs!"

    "Quick service and the pharmacist always comes out and talks to you about your medication. Nice store also."

    "Great people; been a customer of theirs for years"

    "The family and friends environment"

    "They are all so friendly and compassionate! I drive 30 minutes just to use this pharmacy. Would not consider going anywhere else!"

    "Friendly and very knowledgeable"

    "Short lines, very quick, friendly,and helpful. Short wait time."

    "Personal service"

    "The people"

    "Compassionate & caring staff"

    "Feels like family."

    "Friendly and caring"

    "Custom made for me"

    "Hometown feel, neighborly people"

    "We love the friendly staff at Propp!"

    "Personal attention"

    "Friendly & Helpful"


    "So very helpful"

    "The personal attention is very much appreciated"

    "They take really good professional care of their customers!"

    "They let me eat a Russell Stover candy every now and then without telling my doctor on me!"

    "Knowledgeable, professional, friendly"

    "You care and you listen"

    "Small hometown pharmacy"


    "I like the personal service!"

    "Personalized service."

    "Staff is like family!"

    "I love Propp! I wouldn't go ANYWHERE ELSE! The customer service is amazing!"

    "Friendly staff and genuine concern by each pharmacist about every individual. Top notch!!"


    "Know me by name and know my health history. Very friendly and welcoming."


    "Personal attention."

    "The personal service, and they remember my name and face."

    "Friendly, helpful, professional!"


    "They truly know, and care about, me!"

    "Everyone is very friendly and they are helpful with answering any questions"

    "Personal service"

    "Friendly and helpful!"

    "Hometown people"

    "Friendliness in greeting you when you enter pharmacy."

    "They are professional and knowledgeable."

    "The friendly staff"

    "Helpful, friendly"


    "How they remember me and always tell me in depth about the medications I'm taking."

    You can help Propp Drugs by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!